NLTools is a Python package for analyzing neuroimaging data. It is the analysis engine powering neuro-learn There are tools to perform data manipulation and analyses such as univariate GLMs, predictive multivariate modeling, and representational similarity analyses. It is based loosely off of Tor Wager’s object-oriented Matlab toolbox and leverages much code from nilearn and scikit-learn


  1. Method 1 - Install from PyPi
pip install nltools
  1. Method 2 - Install directly from github (Recommended)
pip install git+
  1. Method 3 - Clone github repository
git clone
python install


nltools requires several dependencies. All are available in pypi. Can use pip install ‘package’

  • importlib
  • nibabel>=2.0.1
  • scikit-learn>=0.17
  • nilearn>=0.2
  • pandas>=0.16
  • numpy>=1.9
  • seaborn>=0.7.0
  • matplotlib
  • scipy
  • six
  • pynv

Optional Dependencies

  • mne
  • requests


Please see our tutorials Gallery, which provide numerous examples for how to use the toolbox. Here are a few examples.